This forum is for the discussion of the superhero role-playing game that is now in development.
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By The Observer
RogueDash1 wrote:
Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:57 pm
I lean more towards a randomized character generation. It has a classic, old school feel to it. While it's nice to make exactly what you want, I've seen min-maxers abuse point buy systems far more often than the dice gods have prevented me from making a character concept.
Such issues are usually solved during a session zero where players and GM get together and discuss their characters and what they want the game to be about. If there are issues against minmaxing, then everyone around the table should state such and agree not to do it.
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By jdgalt
I would like to see something like Champions, or the very similar GURPS. It works well. Why mess with it?
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