This forum is for the other series of comics and graphic novels published by Arkhaven
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By voxday
This is to confirm that the first 2,500 comics and 1,000 graphic novels will be specially marked with the gold Arkhaven logo. We have received permission from our printer and distributor to do this, and we will introduce the gold logo print editions shortly. We will NOT release gold logo editions of either QM:AMD #1 or Right Ho, Jeeves #1.

We will also publish gold logo editions of Dark Legion Comics.
Arkhaven Logo Gold.jpg
Arkhaven Logo Gold.jpg (91.09 KiB) Viewed 2401 times
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By Dave
That looks really good with the 3D effect and shadowing; very glad to see it won't just be a gold background.

Stupid question: the 2500 and 1000 is across the Arkhaven line rather than each individual release?
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By voxday
It's for each individual issue. Our goal is to get to the point that we're selling as many as 100k units of an individual issue. Since we don't do conventional print runs, the gold logo editions will all sell out, sooner or later.
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By voxday
We actually went to the normal logo about 500 units early, because we decided to change the colors of Rebel's outfit from red-white-and-blue to red-and-white. Amazon has a formal policy against products that display the Confederate flag, so after having five of our titles maliciously unpublished or blocked, we decided to modify the colors of her outfit before it could be used as an excuse to kick Alt-Hero off Amazon.

We'd already done that for the Kindle version, but we thought it best to do so for the print version as well. We've looked into ways to do separate Amazon-only print editions, but there is no way to do that yet.
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