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By Vulcha
I was wondering if the whole $3 vs $2.99 cover price was ever finally determined? I guess my real question is... are there going to be QM issues with $3 covers or did the distribution nuance get rectified to where they will all be printed with $2.99 covers? I'm a completionist; I need all versions. :lol:
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By E Deploribus Unum
I too find the lack of obvious cover price ... unusual. That may not be a bad thing. Before he died, my old comic store guy frequently stickered over an existing price to make it something more sensible for his purposes, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. Everybody just happily went with it, as we knew him to be a straight shooter who would give us deals left, right and center.

What I really do like (and hadn't previously commented on), is the idea that the Jeeves graphic novel will be full (by which I mean regular comic) size. I love these smaller, more economical versions, and I think they are a terrific selling point. But I want to be able to put a rack of Jeeves novels side by side with everything else i love in the long run and not see any significant difference. I think Vox and the gang are going the right way with this.
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By dtungsten
I thought the first ones were printed with $2.99, and after they determined that they had to change it to $3.00, they decided to drop the price mark altogether. They may sell them at $2.99 off their site, but I don't think they plan on putting the price back on. The only printed versions with $2.99 are the first runs of Jeeves #1 and Quantum Mortis #1. Those can be considered roughly equivalent to the gold logo versions of the later issues, since there are no gold logo versions of those issues. (The difference perhaps being how many were printed.) Everything else will have no printed price.

At least that's how I understand it.
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By E Deploribus Unum
Speaking of cover prices, this announcement is truly awesome:

"While we will complete the sixth issue of Alt-Hero in the smaller royal octavo format, all subsequent single issues across both Arkhaven and Dark Legion lines will be produced in the standard size, although the price of $2.99 for Alt-Hero and Chuck Dixon's Avalon will be retained."

Full-size format for the original price? Can't ask for a better deal than that.

But does Arkhaven make anything at all on those print editions?
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