The comics and graphic novels set in the world of QUANTUM MORTIS
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By voxday
Later this week, we will be releasing the first WARDOGS INC. novel, Battlesuit Bastards. Written by G.D. Stark, it is set in the Quantum Mortis universe, and as the cover suggests, it will eventually appear in graphic novel form.
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By Dave
You Bastards! The QM universe and that title Battlesuit Bastards! You're making it impossible to resist!

Is it safe to assume these will be available on KU? I finally decided I'm signing up for KU.

Primarily I'm asking about the comicbooks/graphic novels on KU. Since I'll be buying physical copies of most of them it seems excessive to also buy the digital versions but KU lets me read them as soon as they're released and Arkhaven/DLC still gets paid.

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By voxday
WARDOGS INC. #1: Battlesuit Bastards is now available on Amazon.

All war is murder for profit.

Some organizations are just more open about it.

WARDOGS INCORPORATED is one of the largest and most professional mercenary corporations operating in the Kantillon subsector. If you need a bodyguard, an assassination team, or an armored cavalry regiment complete with air support, WARDOGS Inc. can provide it for you... for a very steep price.

Tommy Falkland is proud to be a Wardog. And he's delighted when WDI's executives sign a massive contract to arrange for a little regime change on a no-account low-tech planet that looks like a highly profitable cakewalk. But when the transportation company unexpectedly fails to deliver their armor and artillery dirtside, Tommy and his fellow Wardogs find themselves caught in the middle of the killing zone.

And there they learn that bullets will kill a man dead just as quickly as a plasma bolt.
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