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Re: Issue #1 now in print!

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:03 am
by E Deploribus Unum
I should probably start another thread for the second issue, but this will do for now: Great, great improvement from issue #1, guys. Very impressed. Matvei, the backgrounds are a real serious step up. Your Kirby thing is what it is, and I like it, but you definitely made major progress with the panel layouts, perspective and attention to detail. Well worth the wait.

If I were to compare QM2 to AH1, Cliff does amazing motion, where Matvei is somewhat stiff. On the other hand, Cliff goes off-model on a regular basis while Matvei is rock solid with his facial characterizations. (Let me be clear: I'm very happy with both, but I just want to bring out the respective artist's strong points.) Coloring is terrific. Lots of pop. I'm curious to see how this will translate into a printed version since there didn't seem to be much of a margin at the spine, but it may turn out fine.

Big bonus: it's a long, meaty read, with some great, catchy dialogue. I really should go back and read the books now. I'm unclear how much is actually in there and how much is newly scripted for the comic version. The exchange between Tower and Baby about salvation is marvelous. I don't remember it from the book at all, but that may just be me.

Matvei, again: Page 18 (the bloodletting scenes). Good stuff. It felt like you were about to cut loose. More of this!

Overall, great work, guys! Worth every penny.