The standalone single-issue comic based on the short story by Vox Day
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By voxday
He appeared to be unarmed, although it was hard to tell considering the amount of silver metal that encased the left side of his head, his shoulders, and the outsides of his legs. His eyes had been replaced with multi-faceted orbs, and four sensors were implanted in his forehead. Tower couldn't tell if his hands were synthetic or if he was simply wearing gloves, and while his forearms were sheathed in some sort of black rubber, they did not look thick enough to contain any obvious weapons.

He held up both hands. “Good evening. You must be the Duke's Marines of whom there has been so much chatter. If you are amenable, I should like to request the opportunity to surrender.”

- From "Tell it to the Dead"
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By SilentDraco
The artwork is pretty compelling in B&W. Very direct and attention-grabbing. I recall this minimalist style from some Saberhagen and Zelazny trades published in the '70s and '80s. There's a lot of menace hidden in that line structure.

What really gets me is the urbane, precision-grade greeting and offer to negotiate a surrender. That's a great opening gambit, "requesting the opportunity to surrender. " A number of consequences branch from this, some of them probably lethal to Tower. I'll add another book and graphic novel to my list!
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