For posting Alt★Hero-related fan art.
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By 0n 2s
Just some scribbles I did earlier when this was getting off the ground. This made my drawing hand itch and it felt good to put "pencil to paper" after all the time I have been spending in Maya.
-Artist formally known as Thot.
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By 0n 2s
Here is another of Reb and Dyn. For some reason it is having trouble posting both images in the same message.
A-H post2.jpg
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By bedlam

However, there is no way she stays that thin while eating cupcakes.
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By 0n 2s
lol, if you're talking the first image, Ryu, that's a very badly sketched out shot glass. I'm colorblind so some things come out odd for me once I start adding color. BUT thanks for the complement!
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By Markku
I added instructions for how to show multiple images in one post, to the instructions that you see when you click "upload attachment" tab. Multiple images require one additional step. If you don't do this, the default behavior is to create a preview based on the FIRST attachment, and that only.
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By 0n 2s
Thanks for the compliments :D . Also, thanks for adding instructions for multiple image uploads Markku. As to moar, I have a rough sketch of a pillow fight between Ryu and Reb :twisted: (PG 13) but I am swamped with learning Maya and have to focus on it. If I have a long render time come up I might have time to finish it.

But! I know I have seen other artists out there interested in this project I hope they start posting.
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