For posting Alt★Hero-related fan art.
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By MadameRingading
A rough sketch of Greensleeves, my AH-compatible heroine. Greensleeves, AKA Khylen McCormack, comes from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. The decline of the coal industry forced her family to find other ways of making a living, so they started manufacturing various Celtic-styled items for sale on the RenFaire circuit and online. In the offseason, they do custom CNC milling. So Khylen grew up half "down east" and half Faire brat, and learned to play the fiddle and the flute to perform concerts. In her mid-teens, she started to manifest a power tied to her musical ability, to amplify her sounds and synchronize the harmonics with the sympathetic frequency of any object (including living things). When deployed to its maximum, this ability could bring down structures or even generate small-scale earthquakes. With a specially designed fiddle milled out of one solid block of titanium, she can aim this force with the accuracy of a rifle. Greenie doesn't think much of the government of her country, or the UN, having absorbed such sentiments from her family elders long before the emergence of her powers made this more of an issue for her.
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By BHVultaan
Excellent character and background! Thank you for sharing!
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By E Deploribus Unum
I like that she's got the ability to do serious damage without getting in there with her fists and being all grrl-powery. Nice idea.
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By SilentDraco
Not to mention the figurative ability to rip your heart out with her playing. Greensleeves bears a more than passing resemblance to The McMaster Herself, before her second child.

I have visited and enjoyed the local ceilighs, and will come listen again on the next vacation. The emotions that a journeyman or master fiddler can stir are immense, but translating that into physical effects will be awesome.
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By E Deploribus Unum
Vox, when you get to the point that you're soliciting back-up stories to complete anthologies and committed projects, I'd line up to write a Greensleeves origin story. Might even be a good one.

Okay, admittedly this may be a few years down the road ...
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