Discussion about the Alt★Hero series of comics and graphic novels.
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By The Observer
-I think the highlight of this issue is pointing out the fact that no action is off the table once it's been used by the other side. Cucked superheroes would have balked at taking such action and spun their bow ties. Even Ryu understands that kidnappings are distasteful, but need to be done.

-Again, good job humanising everyone around, both the heroes and the villains.

-With the scene in the church, Immotus' Jesus motifs are definitely coming more to the fore. Don't tell me he'll eventually have twelve supers under his command...

-Given the UN's real-world record of messes, I think it's very realistic that the UN is being portrayed as so hopelessly incompetent that they can't even create plausible bait that doesn't stink of a setup.

-It's nice to see Richard Bonk's take on Captain Europa in the last panel. But who is the woman on the other screen? Looks vaguely oriental. A representative from the Chinese military? That would explain where the Chinese assassins come in.

"Neutralisation protocol" sounds appropriately ominous. Captain Europa getting involved in this might be how he and Hammer eventually get to duke it out, though; that'd be a sight to see.
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By Cetera
This one was freakin' goooooood! Best yet of the comics releases. I have zero issues with the art. It looks great. I don't know if it is A-list work or not, and don't care. I enjoy it, and there is nothing about it that takes me out of the story or looks inconsistent.

But good grief. The story. Oh, the story. This is a super hero setting and story I've been waiting for. I never even knew I was waiting for it, but it has been shown to me, and it fits a comic-book-sized hole in my soul.

HURRY, Vox, hurry! I want MORE!!!
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By E Deploribus Unum
Absolutely fantastic. Great build, nice character development, and a completely logical response to kidnapping on the part of the team, though you'd never see it in a mainstream comic. And Richard's art remains rock solid. I'm completely sucked in.
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By Dave
The Arkhaven Alt★Hero team is really firing on all cylinders now. The art, coloring, and lettering is first class. Any quibbles at this point are purely stylistic. The layout of the panels with the background colors and fades is very pleasing. Nice touch with the silhouettes, the circular insets, and scope sight; just the right amount without overwhelming.

No doubt it'll get the standard Not Enough Action complaint but I think if people are open to it they will be drawn into the story. For people already following the series it's a very solid installment. The city of Avalon appears as the backdrop for the first time in an Alt★Hero story. The character of Rebel is revealed in all her glory. Captain Europa makes an appearance and we're given a glimpse of a new character that seems to be Captain Europa's counterpart from another faction. There's even a "Q" sighting. (Backers: don't miss the opportunity to vote in the poll in the Castalia House AH#3 email)

If you're a backer I can't imagine not being excited about the future of this series knowing there are 9 more Alt★Hero issues and 11 more Chuck Dixon's Avalon issues just from the original crowdfunder. I can't wait to see the response from the comic book stores. When industry veterans are tweeting (then deleting) statements like this, it's beyond obvious the comic book stores are desperate for change;

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By themaniac
Great issue. It's so nice to see characters actually fighting back, not artificially restraining themselves, not failing and learning the "error of their ways" for daring to be effective.

I'm not 100% fine with kidnapping children in real life, but I don't have to be. I'm not OK with the globalists holding my family hostage either.
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By dtungsten
I really like the fact that they took hostages once it was on the table from the other side, and it illustrates that tactics are not the same as objectives. There's so much in that.

I also note the censored Amazon version.
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By themaniac
I also want to mention this:

Alt Hero #3 doesn't rise to the level of the best manga, yet. But, it is more relevant and impactful to Americans.
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By Summer95
Another fine issue with an attractive cover (really nice orange-brown colouring) and interesting story development, even though a bit light on action. The page 24 closing artwork is very nice too; more pretty scenery and a dramatic big moon.

It was good to get a better look at Kat, who's sporting a new hairstyle. Bye-bye green, hello pink and blonde! A definite improvement I'd say, but I wonder what the reason for the change was. Also, would that have been the decision of the artist or the colorist, or what? Anyone know how these sorts of things work?

The use of duplicated panels struck me as a slight weakness. It wasn't so bad on page 10 along the bottom, but on page 13 it really dominated. I was wondering if it would've been fairly easy to at least adjust the arms or something, from panel to panel, but maybe small changes like that entail more work than I imagine.

Talking of panels, I really noticed the absence of diagonal lines. Panels were almost all rectangular, which I think is the main reason I found the layout less engaging than in issue 2. Less dynamic, and certainly less varied. So I do hope diagonals make a return next time. Come to think of it, diagonals could also improve the situation with duplicated artwork couldn't they? Namely in giving different panel shapes at least.

Commendable work though, in regard to both story and art, and I'm keenly looking forward to the next instalment. A visit to Paris apparently (not the 'Londonistan' indicated in the backers' version). I wonder what's in store there!
Dave wrote: Nice touch with the silhouettes
Yes, very nice at the top of page 9, with Rebel's mum being led to a car. She seemed remarkably forgiving when released later, but I guess she really liked the hotel!
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