Discussion about the Alt★Hero series of comics and graphic novels.
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By E Deploribus Unum
Vox on VP: "To be clear, an analysis of the two price points indicates that $2.99 comics sell 30 percent more copies than those priced at $3.99."

This analysis makes sense to me. While I like the idea of being the same dimensions as all the 'cool kids', the initial printings of QM and Jeeves are extremely attractive at $2.99, and the $1 difference really does add up, especially if you have to convert to Cdn funds or if you're buying multiple copies. I say go with the math and take the risk of being the edgy outsider, since that's your modus operandi anyway. You can always do a "premium reissue" if there's sufficient demand for the larger size, and some idiots like me would buy it again. All I would say is that if you start a 6-issue series at one size, finish it at the same size.
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By Joker of Fairhaven
"3 for 9" vs "3 for 12". That's probably the real calculation that's important here for a lot of people.

Considering the nature of the Alt-Hero project, I feel the lower price makes the most sense. Market Share & Reach are important, so getting more comics in more hands is important for the early going.
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By SilentDraco
The $2.99 price lets younger readers buy more, or like a VP comment noted, get a drink or snack with the comic book. Build the market with better comics and stories, and undercut the competition. I can buy a bunch inexpensively, and hand out or leave places where they'll get read. Create more interest and sales among younger readers.
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By E Deploribus Unum
Will be interesting to see what the best long-term Arkhaven standard size turns out to be. I like the idea that the envelope is being pushed.
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