Discussion about the Alt★Hero series of comics and graphic novels.
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By Joker of Fairhaven
http://voxday.blogspot.com/2018/05/for- ... -only.html
I'm very pleased to be able to finally announce that the digital edition of Alt★Hero #1: CRACKDOWN has been released to the backers of the Alt★Hero project. If you are a backer who unsubscribed to the Castalia House bookclub or if you did not receive the email, please email me with BACKER in the subject and I will send out second mailing tonight with the link that will allow you to download the 11 meg file.
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By E Deploribus Unum
No problems viewing it on my Kindle for PC. I've done the regular Kindle thing but for me, it's just too small a screen for comic viewing.
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By The Observer
Some thoughts inspired by discussion on the blog itself:

The Justice Initiative isn't taking its job seriously.

Everyone except Shade, perhaps. Rainbow is faffing around on the job. That's to be expected for his character, perhaps. Redshift KNOWS Durand is Homo Sequens - "I know you are uncommonly strong" - but stops to gloat and take unnecessary chances anyway. To be fair, he clearly wasn't expecting Christian, but still. If he was taking his job seriously, he wouldn't even have bothered to slow down, or at least, to barely nonlethal levels.

The impression I'm getting is that the GJI is either new, or has become drunk on easy success and reliance on their superpowers to need any serious tactics. Dr. Nano knows he was expected, but walks straight into a trap anyway. Whether Redshift ought to have brought backup is arguable if he could have - he's possibly the only one who might have attempted to apprehend Durand in time, and we don't know if he can safely bring people with him (Rainbow can become immaterial, apparently).

The GI in the Alt-Hero world is more, for lack of a better term, radical than the real-world counterpart.

Think about it. Anything any GI member says in the issue could conceivably, with a few changes of nouns here and there, have fit into an antifa's mouth. That last scene with Durand and Christian could arguably be how antifa like to imagine themselves.

Compare this to the real-world GI, the last of which I remember was them going out onto the streets of London and giving pork dinners to the homeless.

The Justice Initiative is being set up for a major PR disaster.

The crackdown that happened is exactly the kind of loss on the moral level of war that the SDL pointed out not too long ago: complete and overwhelming repression in full public without any meaningful resistance. If anything, it's going to convince the remaining GI members of the righteousness of their cause. The good captain has some idea of smiling for the cameras and not roughing them up too much, but that's hardly anywhere near enough.

Add to that Agualonia's water torture - something which is implied to be regular by the various members' nonchalance - and that crosses the moral event horizon quite smoothly, as evidenced by Dynamique's reaction. This is bound to get out one way or another, if only via prisoners chatting with one another - and it's not going to be pretty.

I'm expecting pushback from both GI and the general public on this sometime down the road.
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By SilentDraco
This is why I donated. A big thank-you to the Alt-Hero and Arkhaven teams.

Kindle on a laptop worked fine. I need the external monitor to expand the images and appreciate the details.

The Observer hits a lot of good points, which I hope are elements in the story-line as it develops. The EU Directeurs are expected to be banal, corrupt, and desirous of obedience. "Alles in ordnung," after all. The GJI responds to their orders (at least for now), but they just encountered a surprise. I suspect it's the overconfidence of a centralized bureaucracy, relying on the GJI powers to overcome resistance. We now see h. sequens fugitives in Europe, and perhaps a resistance forming? GJI, DIrecteurs, and gendarmes all attracting hate, ire, and maybe unfriendly fire. Very nice setup.
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By The Observer
Some more thoughts from a discussion earlier on the A-H discord:

-In the water interrogation scene, Dynamique is smoking in costume, something the Captain has expressly forbidden. A small but meaningful act of rebellion?

-The tech level of the A-H world appears to be twenty minutes into the future, if Shade and Dr. Nano's wrist gadgets are indicative of such. This meshes with the skintight body armour worn by the Gods of Peaceful Sleep; this stuff doesn't appear to be available to the civilian population just yet, though.

-I'd love to see the Justice Initiative get their act together and become serious and competent antagonists. Like I mentioned last post, I'm getting the impression that it's more of a social club for them from the way they act, that they're drunk on their successes and never had to face equal opposition before. Shade might be the only sane man on the team, and the most likely to give everyone a dressing-down when they realise what's happened to Redshift. It's not all about champagne, Thai restaurants and photo shoots, after all. Hopefully they'll learn from what happened to Dr. Nano and Redshift and try to improve from there; too few antagonists are credible threats these days.

-My prediction for the next issue in this arc is that the whole crackdown blows up in their faces, GI gets a popularity surge, the EU runs around trying to do damage control, and maybe a bit of prep for clashing between antifa and GI. Complete guess, of course, but it seems plausible to me.
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By E Deploribus Unum
As a long-time comic reader, I find the micro-analysis of the first issue's plot and dialogue somewhat amusing. I suppose it's useful to say, "I don't get the motivation here" or "Why is so-and-so behaving that way?", but in a 24-page format, much is always left to the reader to fill in. This is only the first part of a six-part narrative arc introducing more than a dozen new characters from multiple perspectives. Three or four issues in, the answers to some of the questions raised here will surely be obvious.

I say sit back and enjoy the ride ...
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