Discussion about the Alt★Hero series of comics and graphic novels.
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By SilentDraco

What were those words of Elrond's? Something like this: " The lesser rings were but essays in the craft, but still dangerous to mortals. The greater Rings were perilous for any to use, let alone hold."

OK, the essay issue is out. Comic community, prepare for Extreme Peril. The SDL is offering copies of a graphic trifle he fancies.
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By voxday
#1 New Release in Comics and Graphic Novels now, and #5 Bestseller in Comics: Superheroes. Not bad considering that the 2,000 backers already got it for free.
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By Apanon
Currently #6 in Bestsellers in Books>Comics and Graphic Novels, behind 4 Marvel titles connected to their most recent movie releases and a Japanese book from an anime director of a currently very popular film. Pretty good for a brand new book with no other promotional material going for it.
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By dtungsten
E Deploribus Unum wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 5:16 pm
... and that huge push from Alex Jones can't hurt.
Heh, I actually bought the Zelda book listed as number two from that, since I already had Alt-Hero. ;)
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By SilentDraco
I showed my nephews the digital copy over the weekend, and some of the Rebel images. REALLY got their attention. They want the hard copy, and were really happy to hear that it's durable. Assuming Dad doesn't get it first. OK Vox, that's at least 5-6 copies for them and their buddies.
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