Discussion about the Alt★Hero series of comics and graphic novels.
Has anyone else gone to their local comics store to see if the owner has heard about alt-hero? Any direction or ideas on how to approach them or where they can find the information?

Maybe a link to information on where they can order the comics?
I had to look it up, but I went to a local comic book store. I learned about them and talk to the owner about whether they had heard of Alt*Hero yet. They hadn't and weren't interested yet because Alt*Hero only had stuff on Amazon. I'll go back, but it would help if I had more info to share with them.
Any day now! I thought I would be able to hold out until my hardcovers arrived to read these but I was fooling myself. I'm Jonesing here Vox!
I am having the same problem. I just want physical copies. I thought I had matured out of this, and that maybe, just maybe, I could leave something on the shelf (or on the virtual shelf) if there was no pressing, logical, financial and practical need to own it.

But no. Lies, all lies. I must have them. All of them, be they Arkhaven proper or merely Dark Legion; be they $2.99, $3.00 or even $3.99; be they Amazon or Castalia Direct -- the fact is, I need them, and I need them now. Multiple copies, I say!

Vox, make it happen!
Oh I'm good with the hard covers I have coming. What I was getting at is I thought I could keep from reading any of the comics until they arrived at my doorstep. But that won't happen. I will delve into the digital copies soon as they are released. I'm hoping that tomorrow being Wednesday, also known as new comics day, will be the release of Alt-Hero #1.
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