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A nice idea, but with D&C's big win crowdfunding Jawbreakers, I suspect most creators encountering pushback from the SJW crowd will try it solo if they can, at least until their fans burn out from pre-purchasing fatigue, or until somebody big fails to deliver. Which is sad, because Vox and crew have already worked most of the bugs out of the printing and distribution process, and the Dark Legion stuff looks fantastic. But EVS or no EVS, there are lots of reasons to be really pumped ... not least Avalon.
No, Ethan is not on the Alt-Hero team. Perhaps some day, we'd certainly like to work with him, but not yet. And yes, we're going to see a number of people following our crowdfunding lead, then crashing and burning because they don't understand that they will not be permitted access to the converged distribution and retail channels. I expect a number of people to attempt to strike out on their own, then eventually come to Dark Legion in the next 12-18 months once they learn the difference between a) a successful crowdfunding campaign for a single product or two and b) a stable publishing house with a reliable distribution system.

Remember, not even having the #1 bestselling book in the world is a guarantee that your new publishing house is going to be viable just a year later. But it is evident that people need to learn these lessons for themselves.
I'm moderately curious how EVS ended up using CryptoFashion. Nice to see. Does that stay off the record? Also excited to see Chuck is writing for one of Richard Meyer's comics. The more the right people work together, the better. Bravo.
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