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By The Observer
I'm not entirely sure that it's best to have a separate subforum for each character. Right now it's still clean with just the Captain and Dynamique, but given the loads and loads of characters superhero universes tend to have things might get messy down the line. Furthermore, my experience is that save for extremely popular or controversial characters, a single thread usually suffices to house discussions revolving about a single character. If necessary, simply restrict people from creating threads in that subforum so that there aren't multiple topics about a single character.

What do you folks think?
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By voxday
The plan is not to have a separate forum for every character, just the primary ones. But we're content to let these things evolve organically, as already we've seen Dynamique become a more popular character than she was originally expected to be.
Even with a really active forum, you want to keep the sub-forums as minimal as possible. Mass sub-forums normally act as a version of a wiki more than anything else, so the wiki should fill that role just fine.

Most of what is needed is individual threads for each character. Things can be worked from there.
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