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By Dave
For consideration:

  • Should we automatically identify edited posts? Clarification: can the software auto date & time stamp edited posts as well as flag them as unread?
  • My time zone in the forum is a hour ahead of what it should be(NY-EST) might be daylight savings? Also, I need to do some more checking but the time stamp on other posts does not always seem to make sense in relation to my time zone. Update: apparently the odd time stamps I was seeing was due to not being logged in. Saw a post submitted this morning and the time stamp was 1:10pm but when I logged in it changed to my time zone. Can the forum software be configured to utilize my device's clock/timezone all the time so even if not logged in I can tell when a post was submitted relative to my timezone?
  • Could be my OS/Browser (Win10/Brave shields down) but I'd like to be able to enlarge pics by just clicking on them. As of now clicking on a pic doesn't do anything; I can open in another tab and zoom in or save the file but all I usually want is to blow it up for a quick glance.
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