A forum for the comic series being illustrated by Will Caligan and based on the Moth & Cobweb novels of John C. Wright.
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By Gary
Vox is planning on having a series of guest covers for the comic and asked me to do one. I could hardly pass up a chance to be part of this extraordinary literary event and did this cover rough.Image
son of swan knight rough.jpg
son of swan knight rough.jpg (152.08 KiB) Viewed 2788 times
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By 0n 2s
Awesome *'thumbs up' emoticon*
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By SilentDraco
Elf knights mounted on war bears, and the King of Winter on a mammoth. WOW! I can almost feel the frozen earth thrumming underfoot. All that's missing is a blast of frost so cold and sere, that burns like hot iron. Great thumbnail and thanks for sharing the rough. The series will be amazing.
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By Vulcha
Awesome... Swan Knight was my personal choice for the Will Caligan vote. I haven't felt excited about collecting comics since I was a kid.

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