The leader of the Global Justice Initiative
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By The Observer
Something I posted some time ago on the Discord, with some new thoughts added:

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but the whole interaction between Cpt. Europa and Dynamique in the first twelve pages on the Freestartr really brings out the fact that VD knows what he's doing with inter-sexual relations. Dynamique starts out mad at the Cpt after he's kidnapped her, but that doesn't last. Quickly, he extracts concessions from her (getting her to agree to hear him out), assumes the sale (never waiting to get an actual reply from her on whether she's actually joining), is almost unflappable throughout the whole meeting, and though Dynamique is all huffy in front of him, in the last page she seems pretty pleased with herself when she thinks no one's looking. This is a man who's in control of the situation and knows it.

There are two cracks in the Captain's armour, though - the first being when Dynamique slams him into the wall over her smoking. His expression there is definitely off-balance; compare this to the incident in 2016 where someone tried to rush the stage at one of Trump's rallies. Trump didn't look surprised or taken aback by the imminent threat, he simply turned to face it and held his ground. The second is how creepy/sinister the Captain can look, as evidenced when he leaves via elevator and in the cover art.

So what do you guys think it is? Is the captain a real alpha, just on the wrong side, or is he a situational alpha thrust into his position by his powers, and reverts to gammatude when confronted with a credible threat?
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By bedlam
Alpha Douche
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By SilentDraco
Situational Alpha, because he's the capstone hero (to date) for the EU. Broader power set and an ability to speak and schmooze. It'll get awkward when the first true Sigma appears and smirks him off.

With Dynamique, there's a lot of personal and sexual tension appearing. She has the ability to glide enough, make an emotional demand or point, and flounce out with 60% of what she wanted. The team building and intra-team clashes and arguments will be hysterical. I had a sudden vision of Captain Europa and Dynamique arguing about the absence of Foie Gras for her apartment, doing point-counterpoint on some hapless monster as a punching bag.
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By Valiant
I did not really peg him as an Alpha. The frame of him, with his face, while Dynamique is dressing, sorta gave me the impression that he was a pervert, peeking in on a girl dressing, without her knowing. That is the feeling I got from that frame in the comic.

I am not sure that is what he is suppose to be doing, but that is the impression that I interpreted from the comic.
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By SilentDraco
I still think situational Alpha, but when things get rough he'll crack and the gamma comes through.

Issue 1 shows him making some poor choices and then needing to react. Rainbow and Dr. Nano: Nano gets injured by a grenade blast, and he needs to send Redshift on an intercept. From Rainbow's reaction (yeah, OK ...), the GJI don't seem prepared for any attempt to return fire or strike back. Sending Redshift alone for pursuit was risky, and then interesting things happen.

Maybe Shade is the quiet Alpha to take over, or the Sigma who fixes things and then vanishes again into background. Alpha doesn't have to be overt. Think Viper from the movie "Top Gun". Any other character, including Jester, can be argued with or plead a case. Viper? "I believe that takes care of fly-bys ...." and then to the real discipline.
I'm probably biased by the organizational structure where I work. The boss appears to be a "situational alpha", when all he really amounts to is a promoted gamma who is way, way out of his depth. He has a bunch of conferred status, but no personal ability to deal with it and a giant, screaming zero in terms of actual alpha instincts. That's how I currently read the good Captain, but of course Vox may veer in whichever way pleases him. (Hint: any willing cog in a hierarchy is almost never alpha.)
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