The French fashion model and reluctant superheroine
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By 0n 2s
From the little we have seen I'm assuming she is somewhat of a speedster. The fact that she smokes could just be ash being flicked in the eye of sjws for comical reasons or does it give us a clue into something else?

Seeing that smoking can decrease lung efficiency and cause illness, not good for a speedster,perhaps her recovery time and healing factor are also sped up. Or I'm analyzing this too much and the simple answer of these new types of human are all around sturdier than we mere mortals, is correct.
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By Al K. Annossow
I'm gonna go with the "analyzing too much." Somewhere, Vox mentioned that she smokes because she's a French model and that all French models smoke. Makes sense to me. And just to be contrary, perhaps she needs the nicotine more than she needs the extra lung capacity. Regardless, a new character needs to have a full set of personality characteristics even if the detailed background for them have not been thought through beforehand; that leaves room to add information later and to create that information to fit the long term arc of character development.

BTW I loved your phrasing of "The fact that she smokes could just be ash being flicked in the eye of sjws."
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By E Deploribus Unum
She needs her own Cryptofashion shirt, preferably created by the guy who did the "Struggle for Human Equality" T. That's a lovely piece of art, and I wear it every chance I get, not least because it's so enigmatic. But I'm sure we'll see one once the comic is released.
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