The French fashion model and reluctant superheroine
Or is it a case where the artists wanted to draw so much detail that by the end of issue #1 we are only up to the equivalent of chapter 1 in the story?
All her life, she's been steeped in the elite society of France and the EU. Right now, they're fighting Nazis, and they were the bad guys, right?

She doesn't see the potential for the GI to be the bad guys.
The writer writes 900-page fantasy novels. What do you think? Think Sandman, not single Superman issue.

As for selling out easily, EUR 250,000 tax-free is the equivalent of about $400,000. Considering that Dynamique would get less than $50,000 even if she got the chance to walk in something as big as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, she'd leap at the opportunity even if it didn't let her avoid getting chipped and tracked.

Remember, she's a model. Getting paid to put on outfits and put on a show for the cameras is what she does for a living.
The best part about the first issue is that the "bad guys" are not instantly-hateable ciphers. Yes, they're being paid to restrict freedom, but they're not obviously and cartoonishly horrible. Having read ToB and SoS, I expected that sort of subtlety from Vox, but I'm not sure the naysayers did.
She took off the metal cuffs, and replaced them with gold (or credit chips). $400K tax-free, plus dental? Amount is probably more like $666K (for a 60% top bracket). Great offer, since she has it in contract to be able to walk also, so shows should pay the cigarette bill, the special coffee, and that cute little outfit she won't have time to wear. The alternative is being chipped, monitored constantly, and ... Mme. IS aware that she is on the list, no? We regret that we selected someone else for the April show. The slide to low-end subsistence job, or the dole, becomes inexorable.

If you take the Directeur's Euro, it becomes very hard to stop, and things don't look so bright and cheery. The first faint, sour taste wafted across Issue #1. It'll be interesting to see how GJI members react to having sold their souls, and who balks at what level of payment due. Very auspicious beginning, Vox.
And really, these guys think they're on the side of the angels, bringing peace and stability. So why not take a few euros for doing the right thing? Not to mention they have overwhelming force on their side, despite being a bit too casual about it. I'm not seeing an alternative for Dynamique, since we have no particular evidence at present she's out for anyone but herself in the long run.
I am not completely sure that Dynamique has sold out.

She would have been registered and chipped and in all likelyhood, followed and watched for the rest of her life. Not to mention that once the government gets more and more power, they will exert more power on the people with powers like her.

She did a calculate move, to start off on the side with power, nothing says that she will remain with them. She is there because of the subtle threat that Captain Europa and in turn the government made to her.

She can be flipped to other sides, one that she believes in, if the moment presents itself.
Don't forget, she's a (young, woman) model! (maybe, think Zoolander with girls!) She's not steeped in Alt Right (or probably Leftie) concepts. She's probably not educated in anything history or political or social... she probably studied graphic design (i.e, drawing dresses), IF that! She may just have been focused on hair and make-up and having a good time! She's not (yet?) a superhero.

Expecting her to consider whether the missions, philosophy, and actions of the group that captured her (or saved her from capture? We don't know HOW she views being shot at in a cafe and then waking up safe somewhere by a guy in a weird costume) may be expecting WAY too much of her! She has barely awakened from being knocked out and kidnapped and they're running off on a mission -- is she supposed to say: "wait, tell me what we stand for?"

As our Dark Lord says: wait three ... er ... issues!!
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