Vox Day's science fiction series
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By voxday
This is the temporal order of the various Quantum Mortis novels and short stories.

A Mind Programmed
"Tell it to the Dead"
"The Amazon Gambit"
"Gravity Kills"
A Man Disrupted
Wardogs Inc. 1: Bastards in Battlesuits (coming soon)
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By Joker of Fairhaven
headsnedder2-50 wrote:
Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:19 am
I missed Wardogs Inc. 1. Is it published elsewhere or is it forthcoming?
Thought it was in one of the anthologies someone else published, but I can't find it. Or I'm confusing it with Wardog's Coin.
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By E Deploribus Unum
I realized I had to go back and re-read all this when issue #1 of the comic went up and it actually seemed only dimly familiar. Unfortunately, with Sea of Skulls coming by the end of the year (we hope), I've got the whole Selenoth world to go back through before it comes out. Anyway, at least I can now go through the QM stuff in order.
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By Clint
QM is one of my favorite SF series. I had not read true SF for years before AMD came out.
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By SilentDraco
I read the first three chapters of Wardogs today at lunch, forced myself to read slower than normal. Great hook with the first chapter, and nice buildup of action and problems in chapters 2 and 3. It got to the point that I wanted the Squad Leader or Panzerblitz boards, with Starship Trooper and ASL game pieces, to game out the results. It's a good counterpart to Galaxy's Edge, and builds the market for light and dark space adventures.

I'll write the full review after I read through and go re-read a couple interesting chapters. First impression is good start, good action, good character construction and interplay, and some interesting weapon description - ceramic frag grenades are a great idea.
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By Avalanche
"forced myself to read slower than normal."

:D Love that!

I end up rereading and rereading... yeah, I already know how it ends, but I also pick up stuff I read past or didn't really work into the "movie in my head" as I read the first (or second) time!
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