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Vox happened to announce on yesterday's Darkstream that RDR#3 was now on Kindle and sure enough, today it's the #1 New Release in Military Graphic Novel.

I've really been enjoying this series, if nothing else just to see how much more out there it will get! ... dpSrc=srch
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[/img]Thanks, Dave!
The story is only getting started, here is a page from #3 if you haven't tried it yet.
I issue #4 The reanimated Stonewall meets Robert E. Lee and tries to recruit him into the Devil's army and the action really starts to ramp up.
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E Deploribus Unum wrote:
Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:17 pm
Silly question: how does one pronounce Gary's last name correctly? I am constantly running on about him to people who have never heard of him and really should have, and I guarantee I have pronounced "Kwapisz" incorrectly every single time. A leg up, please.
No clue. Might need to reach out to him to check how it should be said.
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