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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 5:41 am
by E Deploribus Unum
A terrific deal for the price. As with the Jeeves six-issue omnibus, this one is printed on heavy stock with serious attention to the art, which is on the dark side, but relentlessly pretty. This is no "wipe it off with your finger" Marvel single issue. The volume is a keeper.

The subject matter? Not to everyone's taste, admittedly. Zombies can be pretty horrific, and these are thoroughly gory and Walking Dead-level unpleasant. All the same, Gary's art is splendid and his script is thoroughly professional. The story is alternately horrible, terrifying, sad and strangely uplifting. There is a powerful underlying Christian sensibility that keeps the subject matter from descending into nihilism, and I can't help but think all the worthwhile characters really do come out all right in the end.

In summary, definitely worth every penny. Gary, I hope you're selling some of that original art ...