This is the standalone graphic novel created by Brandon Fiardino
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By 0n 2s
I enjoyed the story and art. I'm a sucker for that time period. The last few pages have a "making of" section, which im also a sucker for, and the finished inks sparked an idea. It's supernatural noir feel could lend itself to a black and white sin city style. Maybe magics and spiritual happenings being the only colors occurring on the page. With that said I know it's an unsolicited opinion on style.

I hope to see more. Hopefully something longer. The world this is set in has potential and it felt like the author had more to tell in this story. That's my only negative critique. It felt a little rushed.
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By E Deploribus Unum
Good to be left wanting more. I thought the pacing was decent, but yes, it seems like there is more here to be told. I like that, as in the Quantum Mortis universe, there's a lot of showing and a minimum of telling that leaves the reader having to work out "What's THAT about?" or "What's that word mean?" (or in this case, "Why does 'Skarface' have a 'k'?") JCW is another writer who does this; in fact, he might set a new standard for spinning out ideas a mile a minute without ever stopping to say, "Look at me, I'm so clever!" I just finished China Miéville's Embassytown and had the same experience.
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By E Deploribus Unum
AAAAAAND ... three copies on the way (hopefully gold logo editions). Looking forward to delivery.
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By dtungsten
I finally got a chance to read it. Was eagerly looking forward to it and was not disappointed!
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