This is the standalone graphic novel created by Brandon Fiardino
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By E Deploribus Unum
Just blew through the Kindle version of Red in half an hour. EXCELLENT first effort. Didn't even realize it was out until seeing it as Book of the Week on VP this morning, but wasted no time picking it up. Well worth it: Fiadino's story is exotic and imaginative; Djibril Morissette-Phan's line work is mature, assured and very attractive; the colors are lovely and very effective. There's a wonderful two-page splash that evokes Prohibition era Chicago from a unique angle. The storytelling is way above the standard current Marvel or DC offering ... and just very, very odd. I won't spoil the plot here, but it's as clever and quirky as you'll find. Glad they have found a home for it with Dark Legion, and I'm very much looking forward to the print edition.

One small negative is the font James Greatorex, the letterer, has used to indicate when the main character is thinking -- American Typewriter maybe? Perhaps it was just the Kindle version, but knocked out of a dark gray or black field, it's truly brutal to slog through even on a large monitor. Very tough to read. When it's red on black (for the replies Enzo gets from his typewriter), it's even murkier. I get that they were going for a particular effect, but it would be smart to experiment with something a little more legible next time out.

Also found the artist's visual nod to Sal Buscema's Dire Wraiths from the seventies ROM comic at Marvel an amusing and sentimental throwback. Wonder how many will pick that up?

A great find. Very curious if and when there will be more of these.
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