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By E Deploribus Unum
Having just used the service, I can say the experience is improving. Initially I had difficulty putting multiple items into my cart (resolved by adjusting my Brave settings to allow ads, cookies and fingerprinting, though I probably didn't need all three). And I've already been notified my order has shipped.
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By Starboard
Received my first order from Castalia Books Direct. The interface and customer service worked well. I’ll be using them instead of Amazon where possible. For the record, one of my teenagers already called dibs on the hardcover for A Throne of Bones. Excellent!
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By voxday
That's good to hear. Thanks for the support! We're working with them now to see if there is a way to bring down the shipping costs, or even eliminate them altogether. Although that particular hardcover is a heavy behemoth....
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By Starboard
You weren’t kidding when you said it was a doorstop!
I pre-ordered Right -Ho Jeeves on Amazon. I know you said there was a minor administrative problem that delayed fulfillment. Any word on resolution? Amazon says they need more time to give a delivery estimate.
I’ll be ordering the rest through CBD, of course.
It’s been great fun watching Castalia House grow these last few years!
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By weaselkeeper
received my 3 print editions (Jeeves #1, QM AMD #1 and the econ one) and I must say, nice quality. Room for improvement, as there always is, but a solid buy, will buy more, and I am not really a comics guy.

Still not tired of winning
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By voxday
What can be improved upon, in your opinion? I'm particularly interested in anything that is related to the physical printing aspects, such as colors, margins, bleedthrough, paper quality, size, feel, and so forth. Stuff like lettering, artwork, or story is less important at the moment, as we can see that stuff.

You've got both sizes. Do you think the smaller size is viable (at the lower price) or would you rather have paid a dollar more and gotten the larger size?
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By Lodi's Axe
I'm in the same boat Joker. Hopefully they'll ship soon. I would like to have the first Arkhaven print (and maybe track down Mr. Dixon and Mr. Kwapisz to sign it someday). Not really being a collector, I'm not sure how many paper copies overall I'll acquire. However, purchasing the first episode of each series might give my kids something to fight over when I'm gone.
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By Joker of Fairhaven
Joker of Fairhaven wrote:
Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:13 am
Amazon still hasn't shipped my copy of Jeeves #1, but I'll give a report when it does.
Cancelled my Amazon order, then also bought QM #1 & eCONomics. That Amazon delay got a little expensive, haha. :lol:
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