This is a forum to discuss local comic stores as well as online stores that sell comics.
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By dtungsten
Got my Quantum Mortis #1 a couple days ago. It looks great and has $2.99 printed on it so I'm good. :D
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By Joker of Fairhaven
Mine arrived just today. Got both QM #1 & RHJ #1 in $2.99 format. I know it's a collector thing, but I'm surprisingly happy about having the "wrong" covers. :lol:

On the practicalities, I really like the stock this is printed on. It feels far more durable than most comics I've come across.

With both sizes in hand, the smaller size is more comfortable for me, and I have above average sized hands.

The one "for the future" note I have is the Color Space and Cover vs Interior Print. The issue is most noticeable, to me, on page 20 of QM #1. The facial augments end up very flat & muted. The issue isn't that the colorist did a bad job, it's that handling color well between the Digital and Print spaces is always a wrestling match.

Having done graphic design in past, I'm not pointing out an issue with an easy fix. (I had a print run get wonky results because the printer's die lots were slightly different. I believe I said, "That wasn't the Orange I asked for, but too late now".) It's less of an issue with Right Ho, Jeeves #1, as that uses a lot of stark color contrasts.

It looks to me that the issue might revolve around the contrast within the brighter section of the color space, as it gets printed. Looks good on Gloss, but on flat paper it loses a bit too much. Given how good things look in Digital, this is just a printing issue. You might end up needing an "Interior Page Printing" filter of some form, in the future.
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By E Deploribus Unum
dtungsten wrote:
Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:46 pm
Got my Quantum Mortis #1 a couple days ago. It looks great and has $2.99 printed on it so I'm good. :D
Mine too. Not sure whether it will confuse comic stores to have no price on the comics, but they may like it. The owner of my local now-defunct comic store often reduced prices by bagging the new issues and putting a sticker over the price anyway.
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