A forum for the comic series being illustrated by Will Caligan and based on the Moth & Cobweb novels of John C. Wright.
E Deploribus Unum wrote:
Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:26 pm
You hate to see a logo on this, especially right where the best color work is happening. Absolutely gorgeous.

Do you sell your original art?
Stupid question, Gary. Just browsed your site: http://garykcomicart.com/

Here's a more specific one: do you color a cover like this digitally? I'm trying to figure out what it would cost to get a piece on my wall that looks like this.
Very much looking forward to Richard Bonk's work on this series. My hardcover of The Dark Avenger's Sidekick just arrived to remind me how well all John's "younger reader" material would translate into comics. They are genuinely captivating, unusually well-written stories.
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